The Most Important Ten Minutes of the Year: Tips on How to Prepare for a Parent/Teacher Conference

It’s natural to get a little nervous before a Parent/Teacher Conference. And report card time is always stressful, for both parents and children. Our new video will provide some great tips to help you prepare yourself for your conference so you will know what to expect. Check it out. \

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Where is the Best Place to do Homework?

It is always a battle getting kids to do their homework. This tips might help to make things go a little bit easier.

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Tips To Improve Reading Comprehension

Check out these tips to improve reading comprehension for kids in grades K-2.

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Don’t Weigh Them Down: What’s Important To Pack For A School Field Trip

Does your kid look like they’re getting ready to climb Mt. Everest when they leave the house for school field trips?  Check out this video for some quick tips on what to pack in their backpack for their next field trip, and what to leave at home.

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Always Late: How To Get Out Of The House On Time

Late everyday? Can’t seem to get out of the house on-time?  Watch this video to learn a few new tricks to get your kid to school on-time with less stress.

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Reading at Home: How to Use Environmental Print

Tricks on how to use print around your home to help improve reading and increase motivation.

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Three Easy School Lunches: An Interview with Chef Carlin Greenstein

Chef Carlin Greenstein demonstrates how to make three school lunches that are healthy and fun for kids to eat.

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When Can I Play Hooky: What Days of School Not to Miss

Everybody misses a day of school here and there. But it’s important to know what days of school your child can’t afford to miss.

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Discipline, Consistency and Realistic Expectations: An Interview with J. David Carr

Discipline is a sensitive subject in any household and parents struggle with what to do.  What is a good boundary to set?  Am I being too strict?  Where can I get help? In this interview, School Psychologist J. David Carr provides tips that will help any parent with discipline and setting realistic expectations for their…

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What Is The Answer? Tips to Help Take a Multiple Choice Language Arts Test

Nobody likes these tests, but kids have to take them. This video outlines easy to use tips that you can teach your kid right at home, specifially with multiple choice language arts test.

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