Q: “How Much Should I Help My Four-Year Old Daughter With Her Writing?”

Jason, Ithaca, New York

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Q: “How should I help my 3rd grader with his homework?”

Rachael, Belmar, New Jersey

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Q: “My kid keeps getting into fights and scuffles at school. What do I do?”

Rylon, Phoenix, AZ

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Q: What if my child is the annoying child? She is 7 1/2 and finds obnoxious boys to hang out with. The girls usually grow weary of her aggressive and rough play. She doesn’t respect personal space and often neglects feelings of others. On the other hand, she can be quite sweet when someone is hurting and wants to care for and cater to them. We’re working to teach her more respectful ways of being around others, but not much seems to be getting through. We’re losing sitters and she’s losing girlfriends.

Anonymous Mom, Denver, Colorado

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Q: Our 6-year-old has always enjoyed school. Lately, though, she’s been talking about “hating” school and that she’s bored. What can we do?

Michael, New York, New York

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Q: “My four and a half year old keeps asking me about death. He is really worried about it and my husband and I don’t know whether to ignore it or address it, and if we do, what should we say?”

Erika, New York, New York

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Q: We have a preschooler who has already been through some educational testing, and diagnosed as “mild Aspergers”. What is the process if your child has already been through testing? Does the school typically do the testing again once they enter kindergarten?

Jamie, Amarillo, Texas

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Q: “How or should I intervene in a situation my daughter is having with her friends? She does not like a particularly “annoying girl” who continues to want to be her friend yet this girl creates animosity amongst other of her friends.”

Jasmine, New York, New York

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Q: “My wife and are bilingual and we are trying to raise our son to be the same, but sometimes I feel like we are simply confusing him. We want him to be comfortable reading, writing and speaking in both languages. Can you give us some tips to help make this happen?”

Francis, Charleston, SC

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Q: Our daughter is four and will turn five in October. We hear that a lot parents are waiting a year to send their kids to school. Being that she is a late in the year baby, should we give this extra year idea some consideration? i.e. How do you know when your child is ready for school?

Richard, Portland, OR

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