Always Late: How To Get Out Of The House On Time

Late everyday? Can’t seem to get out of the house on-time?  Watch this video to learn a few new tricks to get your kid to school on-time with less stress.

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July 16th, 2010

3 Responses to “Always Late: How To Get Out Of The House On Time”

  1. Karli Pierce Says:

    this was great. My kids are little so I don’t have to get them out the door yet but good tips just for getting myself ready. Nice job!

  2. The K5 Blog » Blog Archive » The Weekly Schedule Says:

    […] it out and see if it works for you.  And also, make sure to watch our video, Always Late: How To Get Out Of The House On Time, you can still make it to school before the first bell. […]

  3. Fran Burke Says:

    Nice one! One of the most important things about this post, apart from making mornings less stressful, is that it IS important to be on time: NYC public middle schools examine 5th graders’ patterns of absences and tardiness (yes, they have access to your child’s ARIS stats: when evaluating students for admittance. All other things being equal vis a vis your 5th grader’s ELA & Math test scores, the tardiness scores are often the tiebreaker.

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